This ebook and the blog that makes up the content was to mostly share family histories and stories and photos of my wife’s relatives and my relatives.


Not all have stories and histories I can add.  I have searched for pictures, histories, and stories so all can get to know as many of these great people as possible.

Many have written or contributed and I hope I have included their info to give them credit.  There are many.   But, my Grandma Florence Goode is a main contributor and deserves the credit for this project.  She created and gathered  much, she got me excited about it.  She passed long before this even was an idea.  Much of her work passed to my Mom, then to my Aunty K when my mother passed away.  My Aunt Karen looked at me and said you take it, keep it, we all know where it is.   THANKS to all!


Payne Irwin histoiries and such Copyright © by reaguson. All Rights Reserved.

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